My YouTube channel's welcome video

YouTube Channel

In March 2021 I started YouTube channel with a focus on content related to design, creativity and technology. Most of videos have educational nature.

By making 26 videos at this point I greatly improved my video making and editing skills as well as allowed me to become better at teaching.

Indie Gamedev

I learnt Unity with C# on a level allowing me to make a first version of Shape Warrior game.

I am in the process of porting Shape Warrior in Godot and adding new features.

Apart from Shape Warrior I made a few unreleased prototypes, some of which will evolve into full games at some point.

I changed my focus to Godot game engine with GDscpript programming language, with C# also available. During a 3-days long Ludum Dare I was able to make and release small, playable game prototype.

Boardgame Creation

I was able to push my long-term boardgame project to mass-testing and polishing stage, but it was paused due to local and global restrictions

The game requires a lot of physical playtesting to balance properly. I have some initial work done to bring that game's universe to digital games though.